Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spring Fever ~ Shoes

I have spring fever for SO many reasons. I had a touch of it before Christmas day.
I bought a super cute pair of red, open toe shoes after Christmas. I don't normally buy heels or red shoes for that matter.

(Confession- I own a total of 3 pairs of red shoes. One is a strappy summer sandal and then these flats - $6.00 at Walmart in the fall)

Anyway - I saw them at the store (Ross) one day and then thought about them all week. I went back for one more look and had to get them. When I was trying them on a lady complimented me on them and said how she wished they had them in her size.

A sign right?

So, I got the shoes and I keep thinking about when I can wear them and what I can wear them with.

I am getting a bit ancy. I don't think I can wait till it gets warm...

Can you wear open toe shoes with tights??????????

Well, I found a helpful article on Blogher and the short answer is YES!

Here is what she says-

Pair peep toes with tights, NOT panty hose. Sheer stockings are perfect with closed-toe shoes, but with an open toe, you need something with more substance. This is a look that HAS to be intentional, not accidental; pairing stockings with open toed shoes will look like you just made a mistake. But go with tights -- opaque tights, with a minimal toe seam -- for a thoughtful look.

Here is the link for the full article-

There is a picture of a very similar pair of shoes from Kate Spade in the article. I really like mine more and not just because they were only $19.99 and the Kate Spade are $295.00.

And, not that these are Spring shoes, but I got these in the mail last weekend and luv them. I have worn them twice now and they are SO comfortable.

I had been wanting a pair of cowboy boots for about a year and did a lot of research on them. What I found is that they can be really expensive. I am not a big ebay shopper, but found these and got them for a sweet price - $26.00 (+$10.50 shipping). REALLY!

Do you have Spring fever yet? Any new spring shoes in your thoughts or shopping bag??