Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lullaby and cute boys

Yes, this is Twilight related. I am over the every day obsessiveness about it, but it has definitely touched my life. There is a pretty lullaby in the movie - Edward wrote it for Bella, so sweet. The lullaby is based on a piece of music by Yiruma called A River Runs in You. It is truly beautiful. Iwas so moved by this piece that I decided to take piano lessons.

After 2 years of piano lessons in elementary school and 6 years of band, I can't read a stitch of music. Wow, my brain is truly like a sieve...

I had my second piano lesson last night. I am getting there. The teacher is a little intense. Nice, but intense. I feel like a little kid - afraid I am going to get in trouble for not knowing the answer.

The whole experience has been full of guilt for me. I will feel guilty if I can't learn how to play - not well enough to get paid for it, but to be able to read music and play at a basic level. I would love to buy a piano - guilty if I can't play and spent the money on the piano. Guilty for even spending the money on such a non-necessity item.
I think the old saying - "jack of all trades, but master of none" applies to me. I don't want this to be one of those things. Again, I am not expecting to play at Carnegie Hall, but I don't want it to be one of those things I have left unfinished.

In other news, my favorite Saturday night TV show has wrapped for the season. I love Dr. Who. Who? The Dr. Who I knew about was from the 70's and was not cool. The BBC has revamped Dr. Who and it is great. They also have a spin-off called Torchwood - again, great. And cute boys! Jack from Torchwood is so cute and has a wicked sense of humor. Saturday night is really all about the BBC at my house. Well, that and a gourmet dinner (homemade of course) and a nice bottle of wine.

Sadly, the current Dr. Who is being replaced by a new who. The new who will be in next season, so only time will tell. (Okay, I just cracked myself up - Dr. Who is a time lord - Time - HA!) I know, but it has been a seriously long day!
The cute boys I promised:

The Doctor

Captain Jack from Torchwood