Saturday, August 25, 2012

Here we go again!

I haven't blogged in a long time,  A. LONG. TIME. I still follow blogs and try to keep up.

I was looking at my last post and read things about my son's birth and first few months that I didn't remember. He will be 2 in less than a month and baby#2 is going to be here before we know it!
Time flies people and with two boys I need to write this stuff down or I certainly won't remember it!
So I am going to try and capture things as I can. We'll see how I do.

Today is the day after my birthday, so my birthday weekend. I am 41. Wow, that is completely weird. I don't care about the number, there is nothing I can do about it but my parents were just in their 40s.
We are going to Benihanas today for my birthday lunch. Birthdays are different now. I am more excited about Sawyer's birthday than mine. If I get cake I am good.

Today is also the start of week 31 of my pregnancy. Woohoo! Boy this has been a fast but slow time. It was the same with the first pregnancy, you hope to make it to the firsts - 1st time hearing the heartbeat, 1st ultrasound, the 3 month mark. These milestones seem forever away. Somehow here we are heading in to the final few weeks. Baby boy is doing great and I am thrilled. Mommie has had her butt kicked this time. Nothing awful or serious, just sick, exhausted, pains. (and I am huge this time...) Not complaining, just really surprised by what a toll it can take on you and how I miss being able to physically be able to do most everything. I can't wait to be physically strong and be able run around with my boys!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Okay, there are many of these. I do love the changing of seasons. It is always very refreshing and energizing to me. I love Spring, with the exception of the pollen and my allergies.

I am loving this Spring especially since it is Sawyer's 1st Spring. I can't decide whether or not to take him to Ash Wednesday services tomorrow. I can only go over my lunch break and kind of hate to disrupt his day.

I have been thinking a LOT about this summer. We are so excited to take Sawyer to the local pool. He has a couple of little swim shorts all ready to go. Who is not ready? Me. Uggh. I grew up close to the beach and no matter what size I was, I have never been thrilled with how I look in a swimsuit. Looking back I do regret not being happy with myself. I am trying to get over this and just say that it is what it is. I know I need to lose the baby weight and honestly haven't done too much about it. I want to lose it so I can be healthier and to fit in all of my old clothes. I am going to go on an Adkins - esque plan that I have used before with great results. It is just really hard to give up my favs -Coke, sweet tea, potatoes (all kinds), oh AND desserts (all kinds).

I was a bit down a couple of years ago - not being able to get pregnant, our house renovation nightmare, work, and I had packed on the lbs. I went on this plan and lost 17lbs in less than 3 months. I did it once, I have to be able to do it again, right? It is getting started. Can you say procrastinator?

Anyway, Happy Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Card Time

I am really excited about our Christmas card this year. Since I hate all photos of myself and didn't have any children, my fuzzy children were always the subject of my cards. My girls like being the center of attention so it worked out well. (Well when I didn't make the dress as elves...)

A friend of mine who is a really good photographer will take our family holiday picture. Yeah! I am very excited about sending out our card this Christmas and heard about the giveaway Shutterfly is having - if you blog about it, you get 50 free cards! You can go to their site for more information -

They have some really pretty cards. It will be hard to decide!

We are taking SO many photos of Sawyer that we actually bought an external hard drive this weekend. I am sure we will be using Shutterfly photo cards a lot! I am also looking at the calendars and the canvas wall art for Christmas gifts.

I would love this on my desk at work and love how it has multiple photos on a single month.

This would look great in Sawyer's nursery.

I have lots of friends that use Shutterfly and now I know why! They have so many cute things. And of course, I love that Sawyer can be the star of all of them!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Time Flies

I can't believe that my sweet Sawyer is 2 months old already. It was just January and I was praying that the baby I was carrying would be born healthy.

We go for Sawyer's 2 month doctor's appointment tomorrow. I am excited to see how much he weighs. He is an eater and is growing fast!

Here is a recap in photos of the past 2 months:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sawyer's here!

Sawyer made his debut a little early. Wednesday evening around 8:30pm I was laying on the bed talking to Dan about his day while he was changing from work. I was confessing how scared I was getting about Friday mornings scheduled c-section when I heard a pop and then felt a huge gush of water. I jumped up and and said that I think my water just broke. I took off for the bathroom in shock about what was happening. TMI, but the amount of water was just crazy!!!

Tuesday, not very flattering - I am huge!

I had my phone with me, I had been carrying it around with me for weeks - just in case... Called the doctor's office and spoke to the midwife on call. I love her! She is very no-nonsense, which helped a great deal. I was on the verge of freaking out. She just confirmed what we had already discussed-water breaks = head to hospital.

Dan was great. He took care of our dogs and got the car seat in the car. He asked about our bags. Well mine wasn't packed and "I won't need it because I am having a c-section and won't need it until the next day."

We made our way to the hospital and to the check-in desk. We were sent to the c-section area, because Sawyer was transverse. Once i got changed and settled, the midwife did an ultrasound and Sawyer was head down. WHAT??? Even the midwife was shocked. So, now we move to the L&D rooms. After that it was a bit of a blur. I remember around 2am waking up and timing my contractions. 10 minutes, then 7. It seemed to be coming quicker and stronger, so I asked for medicine. I think the nurse forgot and I had to ask again. Around 6am (I think...) I was in a LOT of pain. I needed to go to the bathroom. Not sure if I needed to go, wanted a shower or what, but Dan helped me and was very sweet but concerned. I was starting to lose it a little.

I am pretty sure I got and epidural or some kind of medicine shortly after this because most everything else is a blur.

The next time I remember is the afternoon on Thursday. We tried pushing. Weird - of course I couldn't feel anything, but didn't really feel like I was doing anything when pushing. After a couple of pushes I start to feel sick to my stomach. Pushing didn't work out very well, Sawyer's heart rate kept dropping. My doctor, who wasn't on call, came in (YEAH!) and said okay, let's do the c-section.

I don't remember much about this part either. I remember Dan putting on his "space suit" and moving from my bed to the operating table. I know I was asked some questions about what I could feel. I just kept saying I was fine except for the nausea. Thank goodness for my husband, I ask him again and again to tell me what happened.

The recovery room was interesting. I remember the shaking and the nurses handing me my baby. The first time I get to hold him and I am shaking all over. Sawyer loved it! HA! I was really glad to get to my room and feel a little more settled. The nurses were all fantastic! They were so good.

I was a mess, a HOT mess. My hair was up in a ponytail and it was now knotted up in a rats nest. I was SO happy to have a shower and brush my teeth. SO much better.

Sawyer spent the next day being monitored for breathing issues. Dan and I tried really hard not to freak out. Everything was fine - thank God! The next day he had to go under the lights for jaundice. He did really well, he was so sweet. Sunday we finally got to spend the day together and then got to go home early evening. I was relieved to go home, but didn't realize what it would be like. Next time, when offered, I will accept the extra night!

So, that is the short version! I am so thankful for my sweet, sweet boy and my wonderful husband and making it through my pregnancy and delivery. I prayed every day for this!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Belly Pics

First let me say that I HATE having my picture taken. Something bizarre happens when I know someone is taking my photo. My eyes get very squinty and my smile gets all lopsided.

There are very few photos I like of myself. This sounds horrible, but seriously, my husband even agrees I am a terrible subject. I wish I could find this picture of my husband and me at his sister's wedding. I show all, I mean all, of my teeth in this photo! Weird, but I kind of like the photo. (That is how bad the rest are...)
So, I got a little panicky about not documenting this pregnancy and running out of time to do so. I don't have photos of the belly pregression, just starting at the 8th month. I really wasn't this big the whole time. The last month has really been a growth spurt.
Here are a few photos we had taken after my shower in August~

I hope to post some pics of the nursery. It is such a pretty green color and I love our crib and glider. We are still waiting for the changing table to come in and we don't have anything on the walls. Chances are we won't have anything else in place before the baby comes, which is Friday!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10 Days!

10 days. I can't believe my little one will be here in 10 days.

I have been such a worrier the last 8+ months that it is amazing it has gone by so fast. It took years for us to get pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant I believed it, I was just afraid that something would happen. I just couldn't deal with such a loss on the heels of years of disappointment. I have had big issues about a sense of personal failure every time I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. (That is a whole other post - guilt, internalizing, etc.)

I have had a good pregnancy overall. Light morning sickness, and really tired in the beginning. Good test results all the way through. I am huge now at the end. Dizziness, easily fatigued and slow, but still okay. I feel that every part of me has just blown up, but friends have said that I am all baby. (Thanks friends!) To the lady at BRU on Sunday that felt that she needed to let me know that I am huge, then asked her teen daughter if she thought she would get this big. That was not very nice. I was shocked but shook it off. All I care about is bringing a healthy baby into this world.

I am still trying to get things organized at home. We are washing baby clothes and linens, etc. Once we found out we were having a boy, we started buying clothes. It was the only thing we could buy - all other things were beyond us (mentally). We were able to find a ton of great buys, so we have a lot of clothes! This boy will have more clothes than me and my husband!

I am waiting on the dresser/changing table to come in. I researched and shopped around for our crib and changed my mind 3 times before we decided on one. We went with a modern one in an espresso color. My parents were sweet enough to get us the crib and the bedding. I found the matching dresser for $150.00 less at Walmart than what babies r us had it for. I opted for the site to store free shipping - free shipping = great, shipping time=slow. The expected delivery date to the store is the 10th to the 17th. I know it will be the 17th. Ha!

I am really happy with how the nursery is shaping up. It has taken forever, but it is getting there! I will post pics soon.

I am thankful everyday for this child and can't wait to meet him!