Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Card Time

I am really excited about our Christmas card this year. Since I hate all photos of myself and didn't have any children, my fuzzy children were always the subject of my cards. My girls like being the center of attention so it worked out well. (Well when I didn't make the dress as elves...)

A friend of mine who is a really good photographer will take our family holiday picture. Yeah! I am very excited about sending out our card this Christmas and heard about the giveaway Shutterfly is having - if you blog about it, you get 50 free cards! You can go to their site for more information -

They have some really pretty cards. It will be hard to decide!

We are taking SO many photos of Sawyer that we actually bought an external hard drive this weekend. I am sure we will be using Shutterfly photo cards a lot! I am also looking at the calendars and the canvas wall art for Christmas gifts.

I would love this on my desk at work and love how it has multiple photos on a single month.

This would look great in Sawyer's nursery.

I have lots of friends that use Shutterfly and now I know why! They have so many cute things. And of course, I love that Sawyer can be the star of all of them!

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