Friday, July 17, 2009


Happy Friday!

I am posting today about my new love. I got a postcard catalog in the mail this week from Vera Bradley. I have only once purcahsed a Vera product and it was from the clearance. (Yes, I am a cheap-butt) I do have a few other items that were gifts - thanks Cheryl!
Anyway, I have fallen in love with this new bag-

And I love the name - the bag is called So Over It. Hah! That is me on many days...

Do love Vera? What is your favorite bag (doesn't have to be a VB)?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Finds

I was on a mission Friday; fabulous finds. I was inspired by Kristina @ The Purple Pea, she had a great find of a sweet tea pot that cost more in elbow grease than money!
I started at Target, only because I had a gift card from Christmas to use. I found three small pillows for $3.74 each. I love the white one with the green embroidery and green satin ribbon. The other two are fine and will help on the daybed.

Next I found this monkey night light. He was $3 and change, so in the basket he went. He is a rechargeable night light. They also had a blue bird, but it was still regular price at $12 something. (When we have a child, and if it is a boy, then I have a whole animal theme planned. No decor planned if it is a girl, yet. See the fertility doc on Tuesday - fingers crossed for good test results.)
Next I found this necklace. It was marked down from $9.99 to $6.98. I was still on an acquisition buzz when I took this picture, so I didn't try real hard for a good shot.
After work I went to my favorite home consignment shop. I had been on the hunt for a dresser for the blue room. I didn't find a dresser, but did find these two pictures for the house.

A great thing about this shop is that you get 10% off the price every 30 days and I have a shopper card, so I get an additional 5% off. YIPPEEE!

The first picture is pretty big. I had only seen it in smaller sizes and really like it on a larger scale. The second picture is in tribute to my girls - Daisy, Zoe and Guinness. I collect bulldog statues and pictures. (I hate the word figurines, not sure if statue is the right word...)
Anyway, the frame on this is worth WAY more than I paid for the whole picture.

I was still on a find "high" on Saturday, so we went to the once a month antique show. It was fine, not many bargains. I did buy these two prints from an old book. I think they will look nice once they are matted and framed. (Another one of my things - Bees!)

I am off now to figure out where to hang my finds and clean the house. Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Project Status Report

I hope you had a great 4th of July!
This is my girl, Guinness. She was feeling in the spirit all of 5 seconds.
Didn't do much at all here. I did think about my projects, but that was about it.

Most of my projects are for my guest room - the Blue Room. This is going to be our nursery - one day, hopefully soon! The room is turning out pretty girly. I tried for a neutral palate, but couldn't find a look without having to repaint the room.
I am torn about what to do with my frame. Here is its latest look:

Okay, not loving it yet. I am thinking about trying it with out the white paper. I would like to have the blue wall show through around the R. Not sure if the frame will hold the single pane of glass or not. More trial and error to come.

The chair is done. I found a cushion at Pier1 that I like and that goes with the room. I sprayed that chair with white gloss spray paint and it looks good to go. I like the flowers with the stripes on the cushion.
I wanted a chandelier for the new light. I wish I had a picure of the old light. YUCK. It was the square glass, boring as ever. The chandelier was out, our ceilings aren't terribly high and my husband was installing it, so he had his say on it.

Here is the new light. I like it and it is SO much better that the old one. It will be as girly-fancy with crystals as I will get, so it stays.
(Overlook the textured ceiling!)
I found this metal shell picture at one of my favorite shops and added it to my beach decor.

Thanks for stopping by and Stay tuned!
All feedback/suggestions welcome people!