Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Zone

I have been a bad blogger and taken too much time off. Sure, there were the holidays, but this is ridiculous. I do have an excuse though. I can hear the tee hee hees and the groaning as I write this - I went to the Twilight zone. (Not Rod Serling - think Edward & Bella)

No, I still haven't come back yet. I was such a procrastinator about the books. I had not thought much about them and kind of dismissed them - which is really weird, because I have always loved vampires and love stories. So, I am now a huge Twilight fan and reveling in my obsession.

It has gotten more manageable. After I devoured all 4 books (in a matter of days) and saw the movie (twice within a week), I am able to conduct myself in a normal manner - actually hold conversations that don't involve Twilight (for the most part). I was thrilled when I went back to work on the 5th, that Twilight had struck most of my close friends at work. YIPEEE! It helps the "I am so obsessed and can't think about anything else" and "If I relate something regarding Twilight to a normal conversation, you won't look at me like I have two heads".

I got my husband to take me to the movie. This is huge people! We have been married almost 12 years and have never - I repeat NEVER seen a movie in the theatre together. I just asked, plain and simple. Didn't expect I would have to talk him into it, but I was totally prepared to if necessary! We just never went to the movies, just rented them and hung out at home. It was always easier and when he and I can cook like we do, what else do you need? (Well yes, Edward on the big screen is nice...) Loved the movie!

We went to a 9:45am showing on a Saturday. This meant that I would have to get up by 7:30am. On. A. Saturday. This is something that is almost impossible for me on a workday, let alone a Saturday. I was so giddy I couldn't sleep. I had just finished the first book and was waiting to start on the second.

We are finding our seats in the theatre and my husband whispers in my ear that he is the only man in the room. Ohh, this may not go so well... I kept looking over at him during the movie to see if he were asleep or counting ceiling tiles - nope, good to go. He liked it too!!! I went to see it with some friends from work a few days later and it was even better the second time around and after finishing all of the books.

It is totally a frivilous distraction - but a fun one!
Do you have the Twilight fever or what is your fun distraction?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

My sweet, sweet Daisy

Tour of homes.

(Don't know where the home pics are, this is the court house...)

Yummys - rice krispy treats and gooey coconut bars (super yummy)

Prep for mini beef wellingtons

We had a buch of little things for our New Year's eve dinner

(Beef wellies, sushi, fried lobster tail, shrimp, etc.)


(from Publix, but it is all in the presentation)

This was our Christmas dinner

Curious girls!
(They knew there was good food to be had)

I think eat and sleep pretty much sums it up!