Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Belly Pics

First let me say that I HATE having my picture taken. Something bizarre happens when I know someone is taking my photo. My eyes get very squinty and my smile gets all lopsided.

There are very few photos I like of myself. This sounds horrible, but seriously, my husband even agrees I am a terrible subject. I wish I could find this picture of my husband and me at his sister's wedding. I show all, I mean all, of my teeth in this photo! Weird, but I kind of like the photo. (That is how bad the rest are...)
So, I got a little panicky about not documenting this pregnancy and running out of time to do so. I don't have photos of the belly pregression, just starting at the 8th month. I really wasn't this big the whole time. The last month has really been a growth spurt.
Here are a few photos we had taken after my shower in August~

I hope to post some pics of the nursery. It is such a pretty green color and I love our crib and glider. We are still waiting for the changing table to come in and we don't have anything on the walls. Chances are we won't have anything else in place before the baby comes, which is Friday!!

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jlmcgowan said...

You look amazing Missy!! Thanks for sharing some pictures!