Sunday, November 22, 2009

Feelin Crafty

I have been in a crafty state of mind lately. I don't really sell my crafts, but decided to do an artists market that is close to work. There weren't a ton of people, but it went well. I sold a good number of things and had some great comments on them. YEAH ME! I am my worst critic...

This is one of my favorite coaster sets. I like the font and the numbers. I did the same kind of thing on my front door for the house numbers.

These are my girly ones.

Christmas coasters!

I also made a basball one - very cute!

Here are the glass tile pendants that I have been making for a while now-

FUN! I am drooling over the Infinity Scarf and can't decide whether to make it or buy it...

Okay, have a good evening. I am off to laundry and get ready for the week!

1 comment:

CHERYL said...

You should definitely make the scarf while you are watching True Blood!!! I love the snowman coasters, so cute!