Monday, August 17, 2009

Quickest Project Ever

I am full of good intentions. My simple projects take 10 times longer than they should. Maybe I am just easily distracted or have too much going on.

Here is the quickest project ever. I had some frames leftover from another project and two postcards I bought at a bookstore. I had no idea what I was going to do with the postcards, but they were cute and inexpensive. The postcards had been hanging about on my dresser for way too long. I knew it was time to do something with them or they would end up lost or beat up.

I dug through my frames and the fit was pretty close. I trimmed off a little on the sides and they fit fine.
I had them framed and hung in about 15 minutes. New world record!


Kristina with a K said...

Good thinking! I try to keep my eyes peeled for wall-worthy post cards. Key word "try" but I usually forget. These are really cute tho!

Caro @ Thrifty n Curbside Adventures said...

Well it looks great! THrifty decorating :)
I did that using a curbside-found frame and scrapbook paper (not before I spray painted the frame tho of course lol)