Sunday, September 13, 2009


No snazzy post title today.

First off, I have been deliberating about posting on this or not. Well, I have to get it out and get on with it.

Infertility sucks!

Most of the time I deal pretty well with this, but this month (this weekend) has been pretty rough. The tough week at work and my sleep schedule being off probably didn't help. I hate crying and I am the biggest cry baby - commercials, sad stories, it doesn't take much. I cried at work. I. HATE. CRYING.

I am much better this morning. I think the overdose of Midol and the brownies before breakfast helped.

Funny what a brownie (or several can do). I feel a bit better.
Enjoy your Sunday! Trueblood tonight!!

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jlmcgowan said...

MR...I'm so sorry you're going through this first of all. I'm right there with you. IT REALLY DOES SUCK! I would wholeheartedly recommend adding the following to your brownie protocol: the entire Abba Gold Greatest hits album, a big bunch of sunflowers and white daisies, a huge hug from me (through D of course), a big bowl of blueberries (not sure why, but they always make me happy) and a big smile. The first step to getting through crap is a smile. Seriously. This I know from experience! Remember, when you're not stressed, good things happen..... jen mcg