Saturday, October 3, 2009


On the way home Friday evening I went to my bargain stores. I was on a mission to find Halloween decorations. I went to the thrift store first. I was so excited to see right when I walk in 5 large plastic plug-in Halloween decorations. They are on top of a large stand - I was on tip-toe trying to read the price. I was about to start jumping up in the air to see the price when I see NFS. SAD - not for sale...

Okay, this place is into Halloween - they must have decorations for sale - right? I found 1 thing, 1 thing. It was not bad for its purpose and the price couldn't be any better.

Bless that little child's heart for scribbling on this pumpkin. (I am sure his mom didn't say that). 69Cents. Deal of the day.

I am going to paint it white and either put text or polka dots on it, not sure yet. I am not sure how the dots or wording will turn out, so I am happy I have invested a whopping 69cents for this project.

Went a few doors down to an antique store. I found this cool iron pumpkin. The candle would have cost more than I paid for both. I next found this large paperclip. I am pretty sure that it was from Pottery Barn and the$4.00 they were asking was not. I couldn't carry anything else, so I went to the front and dropped off my finds. I began again and found a pair of black tap shoes in my size. $9.00. Okay, I don't know how to tap dance and had never thought too much about it.

I decided that $9.00 is a deal and these shoes may just change my life. Way too long to explain and I can't remember my whole convoluted internal conversation, but the shoes were coming home with me.

I had almost reached the back of the store and was heading to the register and to pick up my oh-so life changing tap shoes. I passed two young girls (20's?) as I rounded the corner, next I see the shelf where my shoes were and it is now empty. EMPTY. How, how can this be??????

WHY, why did I not pick them up? I know the rule - if you want it, pick it up immediately and guard it with your life. Come on!

The nice lady at the register asked if I need anything - YES, make those girls give me back my $9.00 tap shoes!!!

Okay, I did not say this. I really, really wanted to. I did tell her of my intent of buying the shoes and how I foolishly did not pick them up. She was very nice about it and took my number in case they changed their mind.

No call.

I know that I did not need these shoes. But when I tried them on and they fit and made such a neat little tapping sound, I really wanted them.

My consolation prize came courtesy of Big Lots. I got these two signs and this cool metal skeleton.

These are cute and I LUV Halloween and were all together only a tiny bit more than the shoes. I am still nursing my bruised super shopper, deal finding, no tap shoe wearing, ego.


Anna said...

LOL- you are cracking me up with the tap shoes. :)

Queen Bee said...

Thanks Anna-
I am really just a six year old at heart...

Anna said...

Blog award! Blog award!! Check it out!

Anonymous said...

Tap shoes are so magical. . . like Hans Christian Anderson's Red Ballet Slippers (though not as elegant). Sorry your magical moment just tapped dance out of your hands--LOL