Friday, December 12, 2008

Bah Humbug

This has not been my week! I have been pretty down all week. Just when I convinced myself that everything is okay, my water heater died. Oh, but not only died, it went down like the titanic. Water everywhere! It was old as time - it had been in our house for quite a while before we bought it and we have been here for 10 years.

Well, I am the kind of girl that has to have a nice hot shower to get my day going. I can live one day without it, Sure it will be fine - I told myself these things thinking that it would only be one day. It took at least 20 minutes for me to brush my teeth and wash my face today. I grew up in Florida! I don't even like my drinking water cold!

Plumber says - The floor and floor joist have to be replaced before the new heater can be put in. Today is Friday - Friday! The floor is currently being ripped up - 2:37pm on Friday. Okay, this means that the water heater won't be installed until Sunday at the earliest. Breathe...

Grumble, Grumble, Grumble....


Okay, up side is that someone was able to come out today and replace the floor.

Did I point out the gas line enough to them??

Should I get the emergency number for the gas company just in case??

Please don't let them screw it up.

I know, be grateful and don't let your overactive imagination get the best of you.

Hate house issues. Hate making these grown-up decisions. Grumble, grumble.

If everything goes well you can see a post of me with my Christmas present, I mean new water heater.

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Mochagawea said...

I loved the video and your blog is so funny! I feel the same way. I am so frustrated that I have to go buy toys for little girls who I will be yelling at them to clean them up in a month.