Thursday, December 4, 2008

Many Thanks

We spent a quiet Thanksgiving with our friends at their cabin. This has become a much welcome and anticipated event. This year we took our sweet Daisy with us. She had the best time ever. She was not thrilled when it was time to go home. The dinner was a huge success - a perfectly fried turkey and dinner on the table before 7:00pm. A new record! Cheryl and I rocked this year. Of course the food coma set in and that was all she wrote.

We made our pilgrimage off the mountain and into town on Friday. Love the town and the stores, just wish the stores weren't so narrow. Way too many people! I can shop with the best of them, but after a handful of stores packed with people - it was time to go. Of course, Thanksgiving wouldn't be so thankful if we didn't visit Merciers. Merciers is an apple store - but store is so inadequate. They have fresh apple cider, the best potato salad in their deli, big beautiful bags of all kinds of apples, and the pies - the fried pies! Cherry, apple, peach, blueberry - oh the pies.

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of pies too!

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