Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tour of Homes

I didn't think I would make it! With the water heater situation and my always running behind, I somehow managed to pull it together and have more decorations up this year than ever!
(I did a separate post with a picture of my new water heater - it is dressed up for Christmas too!)

So, welcome and Merry Christmas-

We hardly ever use the front door. This is our side door and garage. I have always wanted to put lights up on the house at Christmas time. This is the first year and I only got the garage, but I am happy with it and baby steps are fine with me.

We put up our tree in our everything room (living room/family room/t.v. room/sunroom) this year. When we originally started construction on this room it was supposed to a small sunroom off of the master bedroom. I am glad it morphed into all of the above.

I used the ornaments that my gram had given me several years ago. I had never used them before, but love seeing them on my tree. It really has a special feel this year, maybe a very tiny bit retro. They are the big round ornaments in pink, orange, blue and a greenish blue.

I made a mad dash to Michael's this afternoon and found a few new things. This wreath was one of them and I love it on my old mirror.

Here is the rest of my everything room~

We have had the large reindeer for many years and they are one of favorite decorations. Their antlers hold candles, but we haven't found those just yet...

My hubby loves nutcrackers and we try to get a new one each year.

This is my glass and silver table. I keep the large glass jars here year round and try to change them with the season. Across the front of the table are our silver bells. We were given our first one in 1997, the year we were married. We have gotten one each year since, it has become a tradition. We haven't made our pilgrimage to Macy's for our 2008 bell, but hopefully this week.

This is an iron hand made plant stand that we found at one of local antique stores. It has been empty for about a month and looks much more festive with something in it.

This is my Daisy. She is not thrilled that I woke her up with the flash. She was a super sweet girl today when I took out the new ornaments, she wanted to look at each one before I put it on the tree.

This is the sideboard in my dining room. We have three different nativity scenes displayed here.

Thanks for taking a look. Please post a comment to let me know you stopped by.

Merry Christmas!


Amanda said...

With the water heater and all looks like you did it all! Everything looks awesome!I love the idea of collecting a new nutcracker every year, that's neat that you have so many! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Carol said...

You made it! And it looks great! Looks like all that hard work tuckered Daisy out, though.

Merry Christmas!

Bonita said...

Very pretty! Good for you getting it all done in time for the tour.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Very Cute...Love Daisy's pic...Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to You...

Purposely Preppy said...

Your house looks wonderful! Congrats for getting it all decorated despite the water heater setback:) Daisy looks so cute with the santa hat:)

The Charm House said...

Love the fact that you are using your grandmothers ornaments!!! Love the nutcrackers also! And thanks for the blog on the cupcakes... oh my goodness, I am going to have to try this!
Are you from the Athens area? I am about 20 minutes from there.

melissa said...

great idea about sticking to the melissas! i should do that, too, because being late myself, i felt overwhelmed by so many houses to visit! thanks for stopping by - love your decorations!

Cali Girl said...

adorable puppy!!
also, love those old ornaments!

ncjelj said...

Hey MissyRoo! Love the blog and your house was beautiful for Christmas! You overachiever you! I hope my favorite hugger is doing much better and that Santa was good to you! Keep in touch! J